Say hello to the SOFTEST, comfiest and cutest beanies you ever did see!!

This project has been a SUPER special one for us a brand who aims to support other women as much as we can! A few months ago we met the most amazing young lady, Christine , who has been selling Crocheted teddies on the side of the road to support her family for the last few years. We already knew we wanted to create some new winter items and saw our meeting with her as an opportunity to collaborate and make some magic. Fast forward a few months after a little guidance and investment into her skills - we can now offer you these absolutely GORGEOUS Crocheted beanies handmade by the beautiful Christine especially for Positive Pants 🥰.

We have introduced 2 stunning Beanie styles:
1. A classic Beanie &
2. A high pony-tail Beanie

Both styles are available in a variety of colours and feature simple, subtle branding 😍


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